Welcome to Xpand Portal Help Center

Xpand Portal is a web application that enables you to share data with the world in a simple, secure and incredibly fast fashion, keeping everything tailored to the user and accessible from multiple platforms, such as personal computers, smart phones and other electronic devices.

Xpand Portal provides controlled access to a data set in a web browser. The solution retrieves data from an independent storage to which data can be uploaded from multiple systems that can provide data in the XML format with a specific structure. Xpand Portal uses the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) framework as a communication proxy. The administrator of Xpand Portal configures the portal to grant access to specific users and has an extensive array of tools for administrating the portal, managing access and content of the portal, configuring UI, etc.

Key features

A development-free solution

If you want to expand the content available on the portal or customize the way it is presented, you can fully achieve this goal without any development involved.

User-Tailored Experience

Everything on the portal is tailored to the user currently signed in:

  • Each user sees exactly what they need to or what they are allowed to, according to the permissions of their role.

  • Users can customize user interface according to their preferences.

Fully customizable through CMS

Xpand Portal is a very flexible solution. This is achieved by the ability to customize every aspect of the portal. You can expand the content that is available on the portal, you can change how the content is displayed, add or remove UI elements, and so on. You can even create a separate web site with its own content in addition to the portal.

Multiple data sources

Data that you make available on the portal may come from various sources, such as ERP systems, CRM, or any other system that can transfer data using web services.

NoSQL document data store

Xpand portal uses Lucene indexes as an industry standard in information retrieval.

Schemaless data structure

The portal benefits from the schemaless data structure. This model allows changing the schema of tables on the fly without the need to recreate the table, which would normally happen inside relational databases. Therefore, for example, adding a new field to the table on the portal will not disturb users currently working with the table.

Rich user experience

The Rich user experience represents components of the user experience which make the work with the portal smooth and friendly. Nice, modern and familiar UI elements enable users to start working fast and efficient.

Blazing-fast full-text search

The portal features full-text search that enables portal members to find exactly what they are looking for in a fast and efficient way. A full-text search that takes a second to complete for millions of records is not a dream anymore.

Secure certificate-based communication

To ensure safety, the communication on the portal is secured using certificates.

Multi-language support

The portal provides supports for a multi-language interface if there is a need to localize it into multiple languages.

Responsive UI design

The user interface is responsive, which means it automatically adjusts to the device the portal is accessed from. The layout of controls is readjusted depending on whether you opened the portal on a desktop, tablet or mobile.